Get Answers to Delicate Matters with Home DNA Testing

Get Answers to Delicate Matters with Home DNA Testing

If there are any questions surrounding who the father of your child is, then everyone involved will need to know the facts as soon as possible. Not knowing can cause stress, anxiety and conflict, so the sooner you find out the sooner you can formulate the best plan for everyone. Thankfully it is now easier than ever to get DNA and paternity tests completed, and you can even get them

4 Fun and Safe Activities for You and Your Baby

Your world can often feel smaller after you have a baby. All the risks and precautions involved in taking them out and about can sometimes be overwhelming and it feels like an easier option just to stay indoors. But with the weather warming up in spring and the sun out for longer, it’s time to get active with your little one, even by taking baby steps. To give you a

Getting your Family Prepared on How to Deal with an Emergency

Your first priority is your family, and disaster can strike at any moment. Is your family prepared to deal with an emergency? If not, here are some things to considering when preparing your family to deal with an emergency: Have Emergency Contact Numbers Have a list of emergency contact telephone numbers in a prominent location. In addition to the 911 number and other emergency contact numbers, include the number of

How to Host a Child’s Fancy Dress Party

UK retail sales have slowed in recent times, as households look to tighten their belts in the face of the rising cost of living. This is hardly helped by the fact that disposable income is unlikely to rise in the UK until 2015, which means that consumers need to keep a close eye on their existing levels of expenditure. This does not mean that you are unable to enjoy life

Choosing a Trendy Timepiece for your Teen

Choosing a stylish watch for your teen can be tough but the following tips should help you rise to the challenge. Picking out the perfect accessory for a teenager requires an eye for current trends and the ability to seek out a watch that is both fashionable and functional. Accessories played a key role on the catwalk at London Fashion Week and with this in mind here are four watch

How to Keep Your Children Happy at School

Most parents will at some point have struggled to get their kids ready for school in the mornings and heard complaints along the lines of ‘I hate school, I don’t want to go’. This is entirely normal. However, if you want to encourage your children towards their education goals and help them to get the most out of school, it’s important to combat negative attitudes towards the classroom. Set a

Sweet Sixteen Gift Ideas

Sixteen is an important age for teenagers. In the UK, this means that you can legally leave school and home, get married with parental consent, join the armed forces, have legal sexual relations, and work full time, earning the minimum wage. Sixteen is the first gateway into the adult world and if your son or daughter is turning sixteen this year, it’s likely that you’ll want to have a big

The New Mum’s Guide to Celebrating a Birthday on a Budget

As a new Mum, going out for your birthday may be the last thing on your mind but while painting the town red may be a distant memory, it is important to blow off steam every once in a while. With this in mind, here are four pocket-friendly ways to celebrate your birthday that won’t break the bank. Celebrate on a Week Night Enjoying a birthday night out as a

Postgraduate Courses: Top Tips for Students Returning to Study

Returning to study on a postgraduate course is often a route not undertaken as soon as you graduate from university, in fact more postgraduate students gain experience within their career or take a gap year before pursing this high intensity option. Postgraduate courses after all are not for the faint hearted and quickly turn into full-time jobs as study become all-consuming. But how can you make the transition into postgraduate

Are High Heels Acceptable for Pre-Teens?

One of the most heated and ongoing debates of all when it comes to young girls is that of how acceptable or otherwise it is for kids of say 12-years-old to wear high heels…or heels in general. On the surface the notion sounds ludicrous, as why would anyone like to add a further discomfort and daily challenge to a pre-teen already going through all the growing pains in the world?