Preparing for the New School Year

Preparing for the New School Year

High school junior year is one of the most memorable and hectic times in the life of teens. A large part of it is spent taking classes to prepare for the SATs and ACTs to help them get into the college of their choice. With the right scores, students can also become eligible for a scholarship. Some students choose to take their SAT in January, while others prefer to wait

The Best Ways to Encourage Your Children to Read

Many parents get frustrated when their children would much prefer to play with their tablets than read the children’s books they have so lovingly chosen for their little ones. If you are one of those troubled parents, fret not, as there are many ways you can encourage your children to read. If they cannot be parted from the tablet, download eBooks for kids and read with them. Soon, they will

Mediation Techniques and Fatherhood

  One of the more misunderstood, or underestimated, influences upon a father’s rights during a family court hearing is mediation. The use of mediation to avoid going to trial will go a long way in saving both financial trouble and avoid emotional upheaval. Going too far in a legal proceeding is only going to expose many fathers to a somewhat biased court system. The amount of bias being placed towards

Are You Doing Everything You Can to Ensure Your Children’s Safety?

When we talk about the safety of children, we’re not only talking about teaching them how to properly cross the street, or avoid talking to strangers, or telling them not to play with fire and sharp objects, or making sure they’re buckled up during a journey. The safety of children doesn’t just involve physical safety, but online safety as well. The moment children log on to their computers, it opens

A Coffee for Each Season

Coffee has graced the palates of consumers around the globe for centuries. It provides them with much needed warmth in the winter, a comfortable smoothness in the spring, cool refreshment in the summer and a bold kick in the fall. There is a perfect coffee for each season. Winter: Highlander Grogg Winter often brings with it cold temperatures, bitter winds and deep snow. Our coffee makers become our comfort blankets

Child Support and Child Custody – Are They Really Different?

One of the more common mistakes people might make prior to going to court is to confuse child support and child custody, because in fact typically one parent will pay child support, and the other parent will have child custody. Preparing for this expense and reality alike will allow the parent who is paying support to enter into the legal process with realistic expectations. Paying child support is mandatory for

Luxury shoe brands for women – Following the fashion trends

The two most common purposes of fashion are love and comfort. Beauty comes only when fashion succeeds. Let’s face the truth! Shoes are women’s Achilles heel and luxury shoe designers are there to create a wide plethora of options to feed into the desires of their awaiting clientele. In fact, it is no longer a surprising fact to find a woman who has 100 pair of shoes or a wife

10 best parental control apps on Android

#469868195 / Do you monitor your child’s use of their Android device? If not, then you might want to start now. While smart phones and tablets can be great for children, they can also present many problems. If you’re a worried parent, provides loads of great advice on how you can keep your child protected online, and has a useful list of child safe websites. When it comes

What to ask when your relationship starts to get serious

What to ask when your relationship starts to get serious So, you’ve found someone that you have fun with; someone who makes you feel great, and someone you have found who you have really clicked with. What happens when things start to get serious? There are a few questions you should probably ask yourself, then make a note to sit down and discuss them between you.   What about marriage?

Keep the little ones occupied during travelling with Trunki Luggage

Any parent will know that keeping the little ones occupied travelling to and from your destination on Holiday can be a constant battle, especially if you have to wait at the airport for boarding for a few hours as even their most favourite toys may only hold off their boredom for a while. UK brand Trunki has cleverly designed a range of luggage and travel accessories specifically aimed at children