10 best parental control apps on Android

Do you monitor your child’s use of their Android device? If not, then you might want to start now.
While smart phones and tablets can be great for children, they can also present many problems. If you’re a worried parent, Quib.ly provides loads of great advice on how you can keep your child protected online, and has a useful list of child safe websites.
When it comes to smartphone use, it’s not just about browsing the web, there’s also a vast array of applications to consider. Adding parental controls onto the device will help to ensure that your child is safe and they don’t misuse it.
There are many parental control apps out there and below you’ll discover 10 of the best for Android devices.
1. Children TV
YouTube is one of the most used websites and it appeals to people of all ages. There are all kinds of fascinating and funny clips out there. However, there are also a lot of things you wouldn’t want your children to see. That’s where Children TV comes in useful. It’s a clever application that basically ensures that only child friendly videos are shown.
2. Mama Bear
For slightly older children, Mama Bear is one of the best apps you can download. It’s free to use and it provides you with a lot of different options. Not only can you monitor your child’s use of social media, but it also tracks their driving abilities and tells you when they go over the speed limit. It also acts as a locator so you know where your children are. It’s the ultimate parental control app that can give you a peace of mind.
3. Kid Mode
If you want to help keep all of your child’s apps organised, Kid Mode is ideal. It has numerous impressive features including a child lock, preventing accidental application purchases, it prevents ad pop ups and stops your child deleting text messages. There’s also a messaging system which lets them leave messages for friends and family.
4. Screen time
If you’re worried about the amount of time your child is spending on their phone, Screen Time is a great app for you. It tells you how long your child spends on each application. It also gives you the ability to set time limits on how long they can spend using the phone.
There are several options including school time, curfew and bed time. What makes this app really unique is it allows your child to gain additional usage time providing they complete several tasks. This means you can get your child to earn time on their phone by helping around the home or doing their homework.
5. SafePlay
SafePlay is a fantastic app that lets you set up specific profiles for each user. Within each profile you control what games can be played and what videos can be watched. There’s also YogiWorld which is a great virtual pet reward centre. You basically choose exactly which apps can and can’t be accessed, giving you a peace of mind.
6. Funamo
As featured on Toms Guide, this app comes with a free trial and it allows you to filter and monitor your children’s activity. There’s a child safe browser, safe search filters, keyword blocking and it also logs SMS activity as well as calls. This allows you to track all activity and ensure your child stays safe while browsing the web.
7. Norton Family
Brought to you by one of the leaders in the online security sector, Norton Family lets parents monitor their child’s activity. It shows internet usage and lets you see exactly which sites your children are searching for. It’s free to use though there is a premium option which provides text message monitoring, restrictions and app monitoring.
8. Kids Shell
This is one of the simplest parental control apps to use. Once loaded, all you need to do is click and drag the applications you want to allow your child to use. You can block incoming calls and block apps such as YouTube.
9. Family Center
This one is another basic option and it requires a user pin to access the dashboard. The children’s dashboard shows bigger pictures of the apps available. It’s a simple app that is useful for those who have small children.
10. Famigo
Famigo is a bright, colourful parental control app that will please both you and your children. There are two modes available including play and manage. You can set timers to restrict your child’s use of the phone and set up filters for which apps they are allowed to play on. It’s a great app that ensures you child can play their favourite apps safely.
As a mum of four, Anna Lewis understands how important it is that children are protected from the internet. You’ll find more information on her blog.

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