3 Reasons to Start Storing Food Today

3 Reasons to Start Storing Food TodayA typical grocery shopper buys only enough food to last a week or two. But an increasing number of households are reaping the benefits of long-term food storage. Canned and freeze dried food keeps for several years, making it possible to store large amounts of food at home. There are many smart reasons to start stocking the pantry now.

Be prepared

Most people do not have enough food to last during an emergency. The American Red Cross recommends keeping a 2-week supply of non-perishable food for each member of the household. It’s important to have both snacks and easy-to-prepare meals on hand in case of inclement weather, natural disasters, or other unforeseeable situations. During a wide-spread emergency, roads may be impassable and stores may not be able to keep many items in stock, so it is unwise to depend on retail establishments in the event of a catastrophe.

Preparation ensures that food will be available even during a financial crisis. After losing a job or sustaining an injury that prevents going to work, money may be scarce. Having a long-term food supply eliminates the need to use scarce resources for purchasing groceries.

Save money

Taking advantage of sales and coupons to get the best prices on shelf-stable products makes food storage an economical practice. A trick of the trade that many food storage enthusiasts embrace is to become aware of what times of the week, month, or year their favorite stores place particular items on sale.

Buying in bulk also cuts down on cost. It pays to purchase long-lasting staples in large quantities. Warehouse retailers makes this task easy and efficient by packaging items together at discounted rates.

Eat healthfully

Preserving fresh produce makes nutritionally-dense food available year-round. Pickled vegetables, canned fruits, grains, legumes, and freeze dried food are welcome additions to the table during winter storms when travel to the store is not possible and fresh food is scarce.

When healthy foods are plentiful in the kitchen, the temptation to make less wholesome dining choices is reduced. At dinner time, all the necessary ingredients for a good meal are already on hand if food storage is put into practice.

Preparing today for food security in the future creates peace of mind. Food storage readies families for adverse situations while maintaining health and reducing costs. With so many shelf-stable, nourishing options available, such as freeze dried food and canned vegetables, long-term food stocking is something everyone should start doing today.

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