4 Fun and Safe Activities for You and Your Baby

Your world can often feel smaller after you have a baby. All the risks and precautions involved in taking them out and about can sometimes be overwhelming and it feels like an easier option just to stay indoors. But with the weather warming up in spring and the sun out for longer, it’s time to get active with your little one, even by taking baby steps.

To give you a few ideas, here are four safe activities to do with your baby, and they’re super fun too!

  1. Read at the Library

Local libraries usually have lots of activities and facilities that welcome parents and babies. Children will often have a special reading area for books in their age range as well as colourful bean bags, colouring materials and toys to keep them busy. Reading is a fantastic brain-stimulating activity to do together for all ages, as even if they’re still very young, reading to your baby and getting them to name and point out objects is endlessly educational and entertaining.

  1. Go Swimming

Swimming is an exciting activity for you and your baby and equally relaxing as well. It’s best to start your child with formal lessons after the age of four but before that, take your baby to the swimming pool with some fun toys and buoyancy aids to get used to the water by playing and splashing together.

  1. Interact with Animals

Interacting with animals is hugely stimulating and interesting for your baby. A trip to the zoo will be well worthwhile so that they can interact and observe all the animals they’ve only seen pictures off. For a cheaper option you can even visit the local pet store and meet the animals more up close.

  1. Go on a Walk

Take your baby out for a stroll whether you’re in the countryside or the city. Their curious minds will love taking in all the sights and sounds. Point out vehicles, features of nature and greet other people on your way. In the warmer weather you can even buy pavement chalk to draw patterns on the ground that can easily be washed off afterwards.

Don’t miss out on having fun with your baby and giving them new experiences in the big wide world. Just be prepared with a nappy bag, a change of clothes and your supplies and you’re good to go on these easy and simple trips to help them grow up healthy and happy.  

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