5 fun ways to end the summer holidays with the kids

Some parents may sigh with relief that it’s time to take the kids back to school so that they can get back to a routine again. But for many, it can be a horrible thought as they have really enjoyed spending all day, every day with the kids and running around after them.

To mark the occasion, you should do something a bit out of the ordinary to close the summer holidays with a bang. Here are some ideas to help you end the summer holidays on a high.

A weekend away to Blackpool
Blackpool is a fun haven for kids. Not only can they visit the Blackpool tower, walk around the dungeons, and play on the beach. They can also visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach where they can have a go on a wide range of rides and rollercoasters. There are also many amusements along the front which you and your children can enjoy, so make sure you take with you all your 1p, 2p and 10p coins so they can run around and have a go on the slot machines. When looking for someone to stay, you can find great deals on places to stay in the centre of Blackpool on websites such as Ukbreakaways.

A trip to the zoo
If your children love animals, a trip to the zoo could be an awesome way to end the summer for them. Chester Zoo has 12,000 animals in 125 acres of award winning zoological gardens so there is certainly a lot to see. There are adventure playgrounds at many zoo’s and places where you can eat or have a picnic. There also will be many photograph opportunities so you can get ‘snap-happy’ and make a photo album of your special day, after the event.


A treasure hunt in the garden
Let them enjoy the last of the beautiful weather by setting up a treasure hunt in the garden. You could hide small figures that they can try and find, or other goodies in the likes of plant pots and behind the shed. Once they’ve found them they can keep what they’ve found. The person who collects the most figurines or goodies could win an overall bigger prize, such as choosing what you have for dinner.

Host a tea party
Make invitations and invite your children and their favourite toys to join you for a summer tea party. You can transform your dining table in to a banquet that is good enough for a king and queen (your kids of course) and present with all their favourite treats. Decorate the room with buntings, and use paper plates to save on the washing up later.


Build a fort in your living room
Help the kids to build a fort and let them spend hours letting their imaginations run wild. You can get really creative with this one using a range of pillows and sheets. You can even let them eat their lunch in there as an extra treat.

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