5 organizations that help families with addiction

One person’s addiction to alcohol or drugs affects all the family. These five organizations offer help, support, resources and, perhaps most importantly, hope.


Shatterproof, found at Shatterproof.org, refuses to shrink in the face of addiction. Aiming to cut the number of addicted Americans in half, the number of American deaths from addiction in half and the societal cost of addiction in half by 2033, its aggressive attack on addiction has four powerful aspects. Shatterproof aims to “Unite & Empower” by becoming the first central advocate for the fight against addiction and “End the Stigma” by educating the public to show compassion to those suffering from the disease of addiction. Shatterproof pledges to “Advocate for Change” by providing evidence-based resources to families to help prevention, treatment and recovery, as well as campaigning politically. The organization also has a

“Research & Innovate” mission to discover cutting-edge treatment.


The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) is a family-focused organization that believes the whole family needs treatment when one suffers an addiction. Their 9 step program helps every member of the family to become responsible for their own behavior, strengthen family ties and communication, as well as prepare to deal with relapse if it occurs. This breaks intergenerational cycles of addiction as it removes factors that contribute to addiction such as isolation and unhealthy relationships.


Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, at drugfree.org, is focused on providing help and information for parents who want to prevent their children becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs. With strategies for parents who think their kids may already be using, they also offer a toll-free helpline, online forums and live chatrooms for concerned parents. This nonprofit organization keeps up to date with all the latest scientific discoveries in this field and translates it in a way that is understandable to regular parents, while also running abovetheinfluence.com for teens.


Learn2cope.org was founded by Joanne Peterson to offer support to parents and family members who have a loved one who uses drugs. It was her desperation during her own son’s drug addiction that moved her to start the organization, hoping to provide the resources that she never had. Her son is now in long-term recovery. Learn2cope offers a 24/7 private online discussion board for peer-to-peer support, regular meetings throughout Massachusetts and overdose response training for families. They are particularly focused on opiate addictions, offering ongoing recovery advice for those whose loved ones are trying to recover following inpatient detoxification treatment. They recognize that opiates are one of the hardest substances to quit and relapses are common, so specialized advice is needed.


Gosnold on Cape Cod is an addiction treatment center that offers detox and transitional living arrangements for those suffering from addiction, including a special program for new mothers and mothers-to-be. Through their Reaching Out family program, they go further to support the families of those with addiction, offering education, support groups and community forums. They also facilitate intervention counseling to help the family first communicate their concerns and help their loved one seek treatment. They also coach the family how to respond constructively during detox and recovery.


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