Avoid shopping for new appliances by replacing worn parts

Given the state of the economy at the moment, with petrol and household energy costs at all-time highs, the last thing people need is to be replacing expensive household appliances. Thankfully, if your appliances stop working, there could be a quick and easy fix available to you.

What’s that smell?
There can be little worse than using appliances such as the vacuum cleaner and hearing an unusual sound as parts grind against each other, or you suddenly smell an unmistakable odour of burning plastic. What could have meant an expensive trip to your local retailer to replace said appliance could well be eliminated with some fault finding and ordering spares to replace the parts that have ceased to do their job.

Whatever the appliance is, be sure to get the right part for the model that you have at home, in order for the part to work and not cause further damage to your appliance. You’ll also be pleased to learn that AEG spares can be ordered over the internet and most are available with next day delivery, so you won’t be without your trusty appliances for too long.

Vacuum cleaner dramas
From potentially trivial issues such as the extension tube getting cracked or lost to problems with the motor drive belt, many problems with a vacuum cleaner can be rectified fairly easily and at low cost. A whole range of AEG spares are available for vacuum cleaners including replacement tubes, upholstery nozzles and floor tools. For people that need to get a little more hands on with the repairs of their vacuum cleaners, spares such as the agitator belt and the rolling brush can be purchased. Most repairs involving belts and brushes are estimated to be easy or moderate difficulty, so if you’re handy with your tools, you should be able to complete this task.
Kitchen sink drama
Whilst life without a vacuum cleaner leaves many homeowners with the unenviable task of keeping a carpet clean without any electrical assistance, life without a dishwasher leaves many people in a state of panic having always relied on this labour saving device. Given that dishwashers do a job that we are fully capable of doing unaided, if one breaks down it seems to some that it is the end of the world, as the rubber gloves and washing up liquid make a reluctant return from the cupboard under the sink.

Thankfully, help could be at hand with a wide range of official spare parts for a number of dishwasher models available. Whether a faulty drain hose is causing an issue, or the spray arm has seized up, your dishwasher can be repaired quickly and relatively easily. Again, replacement of a spray arm is rated to be a moderately difficult task to complete, so anyone relatively comfortable with DIY tasks should find this no problem.

So whatever the issue with your household appliances, from cookers and vacuum cleaners to tumble dryers, microwaves and even air conditioners, it could pay dividends to take a little look inside and work out whether it can be a simple DIY job before you employ expensive professionals.

Peter Smith is a home DIY enthusiast who regularly writes for a number of websites on home decorating and repairs.

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