Creating A Home That Grows With Your Family

One of the concerns in planning a new family home lies in the flexibility to meet the family’s changing needs. As your family grows, a perfect home should be able to adapt and accommodate new members. The house that was ideal for you and your spouse could no longer be fit when you plan to have children. Building a house that grows with your family requires an efficient modeling plan. This would include a reliable provider of crane hoisting and rigging work. For those heavy lifting tasks, there are specialists who can be very helpful when you are moving large pieces of furniture, roofing materials, large windows and other building components for your new home. Families can decide on home renovations or purchasing a new house that is designed to grow along with their needs.
Home makeover
Home remodeling takes a lot more than just expanding your space. Jay Cipriani of Cipriani Remodeling Solutions in New Jersey, U.S., recommends renovating a home for a growing family as an alternative to buying a new one. Remodeling your home for a growing family would spare you the stress of finding time and resources in looking for a new home. Before selecting a contractor to do the job, it is important to communicate as a family in pointing out the necessary things for a larger house. During the conversation, ask for suggestions among family members and brainstorm on the things that will improve the entire family’s life easier on a daily basis.
The effects of having a larger family is simply beyond the need to buy more beds. If that was the case, then families should consider being better off looking for additional bedroom equipment. Aside from a bigger bedroom space, a growing family should have expanded spaces in the bathroom, kitchen, play area for games and recreational activities and storage areas. Meeting the demands on remodeling your home may be difficult, but an efficient strategy for home remodeling could reduce the problems associated with it, Cipriani said.
New construction of a family home
If remodeling is not an option for you, building a house that is structured to grow with your family is another solution. Robert Lesnett, an architect living in Los Angeles, constructed a home that allowed for expansion and reconfiguration. Being an architect helped him come up with practical building ideas, including the design of load-bearing walls. Since the interior of his residence in L.A. only contains a few load-bearing walls, renovating it was easier. Due to the design of the post-and-beam frame, Lesnett was able to make changes without altering the home’s foundation.
He also explained some of the details of his expansion plan, which occurred between 1956 and 1995. “It’s a simple grid,” Lesnett said. “Wherever the exterior wood wall panels meet, which is about every 6 feet, there’s a structural post. It’s the same with the wall-sized panels of glass. So aside from a few bearing walls, you have an open plan where the partition walls can come and go with no additional roof support.”

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