Destinations to take your family on a hiking holiday

Hiking can make a great family holiday. There are some fantastic destinations across the world to suit your family that include walks that you and your children can undertake. Some destinations may be better suited for different ages and levels of hiking.

There are some spectacular destinations across the world where you can enjoy a hiking holiday, but not all may be suitable for your family. It is important to choose a place to visit that has hikes that will be achievable for everyone in your party, so the children can enjoy walking and parents are relaxed and don’t feel burdened with tired or bored kids. A big walking holiday may be best limited to those over 10 years of age.

Hikes at very high altitude should be avoided, as well as treks that cover many miles of difficult terrain, as it could be too challenging or boring for children. This does, however, depend on the ages of the children and older teenagers may find the challenge enjoyable. You should steer clear of walks that are a long way from civilisation, as they may make a parent feel anxious to be a long way from medical care, hot food and a bed. Likewise, treks that involved carrying a lot of baggage mean that parents may find it less enjoyable. A hiking holiday that involves rest days and other activities is preferable. Luckily, there is no shortage of places for holidays that can accommodate these needs.
Grand Canyon and surrounding area.
A visit to the Grand Canyon in the west of US makes a memorable hiking holiday. There are plenty of walks for different abilities into the Grand Canyon itself so that you can appreciate the spectacular scenery from many angles. Alternative activities include white water rafting, mountain biking and horse riding. Other places to visit in the area include Monument Valley, Zion National Park and Las Vegas.

Hiking in the Canadian Rockies.
A hiking holiday to Canada can be reached from the city of Vancouver. There are some fantastic hiking trails into the Canadian Rockies and there are also walking opportunities in Banff National Park, Lake Louise and Yoho National Park. Other activities include spotting wildlife, mountain lake swimming and sightseeing in Vancouver.

Family holiday to Peru.
Peru provides a rich cultural experience for your family, with sites and landscapes full of history. The hike to Machu Picchu may be too challenging for most families, so the train offers a preferable option to reach the historical site and there are still plenty of walking experiences around the stunning ‘lost city’. Other sites to visit include Lake Titicaca, the Sacred Valley and the cities of Lima and Cusco, which are also full of things to see and places to explore.

A holiday based on hiking can make for a memorable family vacation. The hiking ability and holiday wishes of all the family need to be carefully considered to ensure a happy and successful holiday. Peru, US and Canada all make great destinations for your family to enjoy trekking with some exciting alternative activities and sights to see.


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