Fun Winter Activities with Kids

Many people dread the thought of the winter season. However, the winter can be a fun and enjoyable season for the whole family. There are many activities that you and your kids can enjoy throughout the course of the winter. In this article, we’re going to be breaking down these activities and why they’re my favorite. Let’s get started!

1. Ice skating

This has to be my favorite winter activity. There’s nothing like lacing up the skates and teaching your kids how to skate. If they already know how to skate, you could get some sticks and pucks and play some pond hockey. I put this activity at number one because of the exercise it provides you kids, not to mention that the sport is extremely exciting and fast paced.

2. Sledding

Easier than ice skating, sledding can be another favorite for many children alike. A lot of towns and cities have recreational parks specifically for sledding and snowboarding purposes. Sleds are relatively cheap and are well worth the investment. Even though it may not be as beneficial physiologically, your kids are still getting outdoors and having fun with friends. This fact alone is a great reason to let your kids hit the slopes.

3. Building a snowman

This activity is probably one of the easier ones for your kid to engage in. Also, you can make a snowman almost anywhere and it requires no commitment. The reason I like this one is it sparks your kid’s inner creativity as they get to decide how to make the snowman along with what kind of accessories to put on it. However, your little ones might need a little help moving the snowball once it grows to a decent size. Either way, it’s an easy and fun activity for everyone involved.

4. Snowball fight

Ah, the good ole days of snowball fights. Even though they may be prohibited at school, this doesn’t mean they can’t be fought at home. I like to compare snowball fights to nerf guns because if you take some precautionary measures, your kids shouldn’t get hurt if these measures are met. Simple rules like no head shots, no cheap shots, etc. will ensure that your kid is safe while he/she is having fun engaging in battle.

5. Ice fishing

Honestly, ice fishing wasn’t really an activity I engaged in as a kid. My brother and father did it often and I will say that it does keep a kid entertained. The suspense that’s created from patiently holding a pole in your hand is terrific. The only downside to this one is that ice fishing can get pretty boring after awhile, especially if the fish aren’t biting at the time. However, it can be a great experience for you and your kid if you are both into outdoorsman activities.

6. Snow angels

Like building a snowman and having a snowball fight, snow angels are a great option if all you have is snow. These snow angels are extremely simple to make while having fun in the snow. Unlike building a snowman or having a snowball fight, there is limited physical activity and risk in this activity, making it a great option for younger kids.

Overall, these are the top six activities you can do with your kids this winter. These activities will keep your son or daughter active while they enjoy the winter season. If you don’t like the winter, you can move down to Orlando where it’s warm most of the time. Orlando title loans can get you cash for your car title to help fund the move.

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