Handy Hints and Tips for Using Your Microwave Effectively

Microwaves, since their invention, have quickly made their way into millions of homes across the planet. One of the most critical of kitchen appliances that can help people save time preparing healthy foods that help keep them energised and productive, despite their popularity many people simply aren’t using their microwaves to their full potential.
To help remedy that unfortunate case in point, here are some recommendations on how to better utilise your microwave so that you might get the full utility you deserve from it.
Pay Attention To It
The biggest reason that an appliance is under performing? The simple fact that people aren’t paying enough attention to it, foregoing reading the manual or doing the bare minimum to keep it from breaking. Fixing a broken microwave is easier than you think but preventing the problem in the first place is better still. Pay closer attention to your household appliances, ensure they’re functioning correctly and in-line with the manual’s proposals and you’ll be doing yourself a firm favour in terms of getting the most out of them.
Easy Steam
Using a microwave safe bowl, some plastic wrap and a little water can help you rapidly steam vegetables while also maintaining a lot of their nutritional value. You can steam your veggies by placing a little hole in the plastic stretched over the top and then allowing the heat to pass through it. Simple, easy and a top way to get maximum use out of your microwave.
Evenly Reheat
You can easily reheat food easily in a microwave if you go about spreading the food out evenly on a plate. Spreading food out so that it sits in a circle on your plate, with an open space in the middle is also a good way of ensuring that food is well heated. Thanks to your microwaves’ spinning carousel this should work like a charm. If not then you probably have identified that your microwave has hot spots that simply aren’t functioning correctly.
Not Only Food
Who said you need to exclusively use a microwave for food? Use one to pasteurise your potting soil and you can help eliminate the diseases that could cause potential issues for your plants. Filling a paper bag with soil and then cooking it in your machine will do the trick, just make sure the soil is moist before putting it in.
Socks too are another object you can turn to your microwave to for extra help. If you need a clean pair fast, soaking them in a bowl of water and placing that in a microwave for just over ten minutes can really make a difference.
There are lots of things you can do with a microwave that perhaps you haven’t even considered. From making taco shells, to zapping multiple bowls at once, the opportunities are numerous and wide. Hopefully the aforementioned as helped open up your eyes a little.

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