How Moms Can Choose Best Breast Pumps For Their Kids

Every Mom, whether you have 5 kids or you just had your first, should own a breast pump. Using a breast pump, even if you are breastfeeding your little one, can provide you with many benefits that would otherwise be more difficult or impossible without one. These amazing helpers can allow you to have a little more freedom during your day and allow Daddy to get more involved with your new bundle of joy. Many proud papa’s simply wish they could have the ability to cuddle with the baby as you do while you breastfeed, and some Dad’s may even suggest bottle feeding the baby so they can enjoy seeing their little one’s eyes looking up at them while they spend some quality time together. While Daddy may seem or act like he is not bothered by this bonding time that you are able to enjoy, by pumping your breastmilk you can stock a supply in the freezer, and even pump a bottle for Daddy to feed to your baby while you relax for a while.


There are several makes, models, and styles of breast pumps out there, and if you have never bought one or used one before, you may feel like you are trying to buy a car in a foreign country. However, you can take peace knowing that you aren’t alone and that there are many other new Mommy’s who are feeling the same way. There are two main types of breast pumps on the market, electric or battery powered and manual. If you are planning to stay at home or take your pump to and from work, an electric or battery powered model is the way to go. For those who are staying at home but may need something a little lighter for outings, a manual pump will most certainly come in handy if your electric pump is too bulky. It is recommended that you purchase one of each just in case the occasion arises and you forget your electric pump, simply keep the manual in the diaper bag. If you require more information about breast pumps, this site has some good information.

Safety First

Keep in mind that there are many things you will need to remember when using a breast pump and a few safety precautions you should keep in mind. First, never share your breast pump with anyone. Hospitals may rent you a breast pump after your baby is born, however these pumps are not only designed to ensure breast milk doesn’t get into the machine, but they are also sterilized between users. Second, if you have a double pump and are only using one side, remember to close off the side you are not using as this can decrease suction leading to a drop in your milk production. Finally, always clean your pump after each use including the cords, tubes, and other accessories to prevent bacterial build up. If you remember all of these safety tips, your pump will not only last for many years to come but you will be keeping your baby happy and healthy.

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