Ideas for Pre-Wedding Celebrations

A wedding is a stressful thing to organise. It can seem like the to-do list keeps getting longer and the budget bigger. Everyone involved in planning a wedding, from the bride and groom to the mothers and fathers, needs a little treat before the big day arrives – if only to prevent complete wedding burnout! There are hen parties and stag parties for the bride and groom, but what if you want something a little different for all the family? Check out these ideas for pre-wedding parties and celebrations with style.

Food and Drink Festivities


A pre-wedding celebration will be a great success if you serve some delicious food washed down with a drop or two of wine. If you want to have a traditional celebration then you can book a table or a room in a restaurant, but for something a little different why not try a high tea? Guests enjoy finger sandwiches and pastries, along with tea, coffee and even champagne. Another option for those that don’t want to cook a whole meal for guests is to have a dessert party with a buffet of cakes and sweet treats – this works well for an afternoon celebration.

Themed Parties

Get acquainted with all the people involved in the wedding planning by throwing a themed party to relax and let your hair down. Try a Wild West theme where everyone wears cowboy hats and you have a Texan-style barbeque. Or take inspiration from the couple’s favourite city – for example, serve Chinese food, or decorate the house with posters from Paris and serve French wines and cheeses. The Great Outdoors is a good theme for a sporty couple. Or have everyone dress up as favourite characters from the books, TV shows, and films that the couple loves.

Alternative Activities

You don’t need to throw a traditional hen or stag party in order to get everyone involved in the pre-wedding festivities. You have a lot of options for alternative activities. For example, go to watch a football game or a concert. Book a box at the theatre. Or hire a minibus and take a trip to explore a local touristy town. Do something active like hiking, biking, or kayaking – or take a trip down a zip line. Wine tastings at local wineries or beer tasting at a brewery are both great ideas for the wedding party that wants to unwind. Or organise a cooking class, or an art demonstration, for people who are crafty or creatively inclined.

Make good use of the venue where you are planning to have the reception – many hotels and function rooms also offer the chance to relax before the big event. Facilities at, for example, include golf and spa packages, treatment rooms, sauna and steam rooms, and the chance to have a meal in the restaurant. Bear in mind that the wedding itself will be a big party and celebration so you don’t have to go overboard with the pre-wedding celebrations – something simple will be as well received as a fancy, expensive party or event and much easier on your budget.

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