Keep the little ones occupied during travelling with Trunki Luggage

Any parent will know that keeping the little ones occupied travelling to and from your destination on Holiday can be a constant battle, especially if you have to wait at the airport for boarding for a few hours as even their most favourite toys may only hold off their boredom for a while. UK brand Trunki has cleverly designed a range of luggage and travel accessories specifically aimed at children which is not only practical but also works to keeping children occupied during all aspects of travelling. They really have thought of everything to keep your children occupied while helping out you as well.
Trunki Suitcases
The original invention by Trunki is their popular suitcases which offer a few different functions besides obviously carrying all kinds of essentials needed for a holiday as each one is made with two sets of wheels and a pull cord so not only can your child carry or pull along the case themselves but when their legs become tired all they have to do is sit on top and you can wheel them behind you instead. Each Trunki suitcase model depicts a specific character, creature or vehicle depending on what their favourite may be allowing them to enjoy the bright colours but also the familiarity of something they are interested in, plus they have been designed for ease of use so both kids and parents alike will find them relatively easy to open. These really are ideal for kids when your family is travelling away from home.
Trunki Paddlepak
If you are planning on heading to the beach for a few days or just the local swimming pool with your little budding explorer then the inevitable mass of wet swimming gear and even toys need to be carried along with everything else but with the inventive Trunki Paddlepak not only can they carry their beach toys and swimwear themselves in a handy backpack but each one is made to look like a water-based animal like sharks, whales, various and so on which will make any journey for your kids exciting. The creature designs aren’t just for show though as each one is water resistant and contains waterproof and fast drying compartments easily separating belongings a zip or fin doubles as a valuables pocket, they have hi-visibility trims, a break-away safety buckle and more so they are really functional too. The Trunki Paddlepaks can be used for regular daily use as well, even for school as well which is a great way to make things more affordable.
Trunki SnooziHedz
Besides the great luggage the Trunki SnooziHedz range is the perfect travel pillow and blanket for your children. Staying with the animal theme these utilise the brands own Trunki Grip technology which not only connects the small pillow to the blanket but stops it sliding off once your child has been wrapped up in it helping them nap undisturbed on car or even plane journeys so not only do they get a character they’ll love but also an accessory that is very practical too.
Trunki Boostapak
The Trunki Boostapak is aimed at older children from 4-12 and really shows of the inventiveness of the brand as not only is this a lightweight backpack that looks stylish though not as bright and vibrant nor designed to look like a creature so is a great follow on from the Paddlepak as they grow older plus it transforms into a booster seat as well. This is great as any parent will know it saves on space by having two important travel accessories in one plus you can save on having to hire a booster if you travel abroad. Despite being able to change from seat to backpack it does have enough room within to store their favourite toys and games to help keep them content during long travel times so you can relax and focus on the journey.
All of the Trunki Luggage range are the ideal travel companions for the kids so that they can feel independent by carrying their own belongings and give you piece of mind that they can be occupied while you deal with making sure everyone gets to your holiday destination safely.
Trunki luggage and travel accessories are available from multiple UK retailers including

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