Keeping the romance alive for new parents

Having a new baby is a special and wonderful time in a couple’s life. A new baby is adorable and you obviously love them, but they are exhausting and time consuming. They also leave very little time for the new parents to spend time alone together, which makes it difficult to be romantic.
Between spending all day taking care of your new little one and staying up all night to tend to a crying baby, it can be difficult to spend your energy on anything else. However, it’s very important for new parents to keep the romance alive, especially after a new baby arrives. With all the time and energy you are spending on the new baby, you might not be feeling particularly romantic, but it’s important to make time for your significant other.
Taking time to be romantic with your partner will help to maintain your relationship and strengthen your bond. Happy and well-adjusted children come from families with happy parents; taking time out for each other can make you happy, and it can also make you better parents and give you happier children. You can’t assume that a relationship will keep itself going; you have to take the time to help it along and maintain the intimacy.
Maintaining intimacy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to plan a romantic vacation for two, or seclude yourselves. Taking a little time each day for each other can be enough to keep things going. Writing notes for each other, holding hands, and complimenting each other can be nice gestures that remind the other person you’re still in love with them. It’s important to take time for each other when the opportunity presents itself. For example, if the baby is taking a nap and you have an hour or two, have a glass of wine together or play a board game. Get a babysitter for the afternoon and go to the movies or get brunch. If you can get a whole day to spend together, sign up for a class together or spend the afternoon in a hotel.
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It’s important to be romantic with your partner, even after you’ve had a new baby. Taking a little time each day can help to maintain intimacy and keep the bond the two of you have. Healthy and happy children come from healthy and happy parents. Keeping the romance alive not only reminds your partner that you love them, but it can also keep your relationship healthy and make you better parents in the long run. 

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