Luxury shoe brands for women – Following the fashion trends

The two most common purposes of fashion are love and comfort. Beauty comes only when fashion succeeds. Let’s face the truth! Shoes are women’s Achilles heel and luxury shoe designers are there to create a wide plethora of options to feed into the desires of their awaiting clientele. In fact, it is no longer a surprising fact to find a woman who has 100 pair of shoes or a wife who is crazy about shopping for footwear. As long as there are brand new designs coming from the world-famous Italian shoemakers, there will always be a ready market and ‘Eveready’ women who will be willing to buy shoes. Have a look at some of the most famous Italian designer shoes for women and help yourself make a choice among them.

  1. Jimmy Choo: This is an iconic luxury lifestyle brand that is renowned for its awesome sense of glamour and an assured sense of style as well. This particular brand traces its roots to a shoemaker named Jimmy Choo, who was a favourite among royals like Princess Diana. Their extremely sexy cut joined hands with fashionable design and with the help of exceptional Italian craftsmanship; this brand stuck a chord among the global luxury clientele. Jimmy Choo soon became one of the favourite brands among Hollywood actors like Halle Berry, Cate Blanchett and many more.


  1. Christian Louboutin: Some people learn their skills from the hands of their experienced and proficient masters but this shoe designer Christian Louboutin found his call in the dressing rooms of Paris. He spent his early years designing shoes for some of the biggest names and then in 1992 he opened his own store. Now he owns 14 boutiques in cities like Los Angeles, New York and London. He counts on famous people like Cameron Diaz and Oprah.


  1. Louis Vuitton: Well, truly speaking, is there anything that you can’t love about Louis Vuitton shoes and other products? They’re not only stylish and elegant but also extremely fashionable and chic at the same time. All these aforementioned qualities go along with the excellent workmanship and the quality of the work of the shoemakers. Louis Vuitton is truly an icon that represents par excellence and this is also spread to the shoes that it creates for both women and men.


  1. Gucci: The brand Gucci has been the epitome of undoubted quality as they’re omnipresent in the leather field for almost 100 years now. Initially, Gucci established itself as a luxury fashion label in the accessories, clothing and jewelry field. The quality of their materials and clothes and their uniqueness of style made Gucci the symbol of Made in Italy and one of the well acclaimed brands throughout the world. Women around the world have gradually embraced their immensely fashionable shows that boast their loyal followers.

When it comes to luxury shoe brands for women, nothing comes to our mind apart from the Italian designers. Choose your best brand among the above mentioned list and make your choice in accordance with your clothes and accessories.

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