Preparing for A Baby Girl

Expecting a baby is very exciting, and it can be very thrilling to the parents and everyone else in the family. It is hard to avoid spontaneous shopping trips, and you’ll find yourself decorating and redecorating their rooms now and then. It is particularly exhilarating when you know it’s a baby girl, and all you can think of is various shades of pink and different sizes of toy unicorns. If you are not careful, however, you can easily find yourself mostly unprepared for their birth and upbringing. Here are a few tips to help you prepare to welcome home your baby girl:


Your baby’s nursery should be made in a way that when you get in there, you feel like you are in an entirely new universe full of mystical fairytale creatures and everything good in life. Most parents prefer keeping it artistic with plenty of images, and others just like to blend colours to create a warm aura. Whatever your preference, make sure that it is a place where your baby will feel relaxed and see as their little fort. Remember they will spend quite some time there before adjustments to suit a preschooler are made, so make sure that they will enjoy their time there.


While this seems like a rather obvious idea, the point here is to be cautious when choosing clothes for your baby girl. Toddler girl clothes and dresses are usually designed for specific events, baby sizes and environments. Nor every pink and adorable onesie will fit your baby or be safe for them.

When shopping for baby clothes, you should consider many factors. Most of these will revolve around their comfort and safety before secondary factors such as style and colour. Clothes that can be worn and removed easily with minimal manipulation are especially ideal for newborns, seeing as their delicate nature makes them quite vulnerable to injuries. For instance, a sweater that can be worn around the shoulders and buttoned up at the front is much more ideal than one that will have to be pushed over their heads.

You should also give some consideration to the material used to make the baby’s clothes. Ideally, materials that are loosely knitted to allow aeration and circulation of air are perfect. These ensure that the baby does not overheat. Your baby may also be allergic to some materials, so make sure you stay away from these.


Your baby girl may not be very playful in the first few months, seeing as they barely recognize anything around them. As they transform to toddlers, however, you will want to get them a good variety of toys to play with. They start developing a sense of adventure and an ever-growing curiosity that will need to be explored on these toys.

Most parents are usually inclined to give baby girls colourful plush toys and stuffed animals before they graduate to more complex items like toy tea sets and a play kitchen. Baby boys will often get toy cars, superhero figures and similar accessories. The good thing is that there is nothing to limit what you buy for your baby. If you want to get them a big bad toy truck, or a fire fighter’s vehicle, or Superman’s cape, go ahead and do so. Toys are a great way to help them learn and boost their motor and cognitive abilities.

Whatever you choose to get for your baby girl, make sure that it is certified for baby safety. You don’t want the stuffed toy to tear and release poisonous material or small bits that could choke the baby. Also, make a point of keeping the baby’s toys disinfected because they will all at some point, end up in their mouths.


Unfortunately, most parents find that getting a baby and raising it is a lot costlier than they thought. It is easy to direct everything towards the actual delivery and forget about everything else afterwards.

As an expectant mom, you should have made detailed plans stretching out to the near future. You must set your affairs in order in terms of funds to cover your delivery and medical bills. Saving is important, so open an account and direct as much money to it as you deem sufficient to help you with these. This is best done before you proceed to conceive so that everything is handled from the word go. It is easier with a partner who can help you with that. Talk to your insurer and see that they will cover your hospital bills and in good time.

That aside, you should also have plans and funds to cover your post maternal recovery. You will need to eat well and get everything your baby needs such as diapers, clothes, furniture for their nursery, strollers and babysitter’s fees.

This doesn’t mean that you panic if you are pregnant with no solid plans in place. You can find help from friends, your relatives and your close family.


In all that excitement and work, it is easy to forget about yourself. You need to take good care of yourself for a safe and healthy daughter. Eat well, work out when you can and rest as much as possible. Don’t stress yourself over anything; focus on the little life you have in your hands and do your best to make sure that both of you get through it well.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can’t do it all alone. Your baby will need your attention most of the time, but you will also need to rest and refresh. Ask someone to help you with the baby. It could be your partner, your older children, your parents, other family members, your friends or even your neighbours. Take some time alone and refresh your energy whenever you feel like things are closing in on you.

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