Saving Space Around The Home

Living in one of the world’s major cities is great, There’s fabulous night life on your doorstep, culture and tradition everywhere you look, and enough variety to live life anyway you see fit. On the whole living in a major city is great however there are few drawbacks, with the main one being a lack of space.

Its a well known fact that most cities are overcrowded with more people migrating to them in search of work and higher living standards. With overcrowding a real problem, houses have had to get smaller and smarter. Now most inner city new builds are typically two, or three bedrooms in size, with smaller kitchens and bathrooms. Smaller rooms have brought up their own challenges and now a lack of space in the home is a real issue. Saving space and being organized around the home, is becoming increasingly important and we’ve put together some tips to help your homes become more efficient.

Use Empty Space

One way to save space around the home is to make use of the areas that have no specific purpose. We’re not saying fill every empty space, doing so will create a cluttered house, however If you look around, you’ll notice large areas which have no use. These spaces can be converted into neat storage sections. You can fit storage units and cupboards under stair cases, line large hallways with bookshelves to store books, and you can turn hollow walls into sleek well designed storage space.

Choose Smart Furniture

The easiest way to save space and reduce clutter around the home is pick to furniture which does this for us. Smart furniture such as tables with storage capacity, wall mounted shelves and inbuilt cupboards save space and make your home appear neat and organised. Taking advantage of furniture in this way ensures you are using all your space efficiently and choosing the right furniture is relatively easy.

Multipurpose furniture is also a great way of saving space. Console tables that can be converted into desks are great for saving space, as are easy chairs that can be converted into beds, these are especially good for maximizing space in the spare room.

There are lots of ways you can save space around the home, and simple things like rearranging furniture and choosing the right decor can make a big difference when redesigning your home.

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