The Best Ways to Encourage Your Children to Read

Many parents get frustrated when their children would much prefer to play with their tablets than read the children’s books they have so lovingly chosen for their little ones. If you are one of those troubled parents, fret not, as there are many ways you can encourage your children to read. If they cannot be parted from the tablet, download eBooks for kids and read with them. Soon, they will be looking for more eBooks to read, and even take a look at the “traditional” books you’ve bought. Make reading enjoyable with these fun tips to encourage your children to read, read, and read!

  • Set aside a time for reading every day. Sit down with your child for at least 30 minutes each day and read a book together.
  • Ask your child for “help” when cooking by letting him read ingredients and recipes. By doing so, you can make him understand the importance of reading.
  • Take your child to the local library, where he can see that there are many different kinds of books about different people, places, and animals.
  • Reward your child for doing a difficult chore or task by taking him to the bookstore instead of giving him a toy.
  • Know what interests your child. Popular topics among children are dinosaurs, cars, pets, friendships, fairytales, and different places in the world.
  • Be a role model. You should read some books and magazines yourself, and let your child see you do so. You can let him read his book while you read yours.
  • Keep kid-friendly reading materials around the house. Get a variety of children’s magazines and books and put them in areas that your child frequents. Get him his own bookshelf too.
  • Give your child short notes. Having a note addressed to him can make your child excited to read. Weekly chores (“Help dad give Rover a bath”), plans for the weekend (“Let’s go and see grandpa!”), or a simple message telling him how much you love him or are proud of him are great for your young reader.
  • Talk with your child about a book you’ve just read. Discussing a book you’ve just read with your child will improve reading comprehension.
  • Practice writing too! Your child can practice writing words he learned from his books. Practice writing simple sentences, and encourage him to make his own stories.
  • Take turns reading out loud. Doing so develops reading skills, pronunciation skills, and confidence, and soon he’ll want to read out loud the whole book himself.
  • Work with your child’s teacher. Talk to your child’s teacher and ask him or her for suggestions on how to further encourage your child to read.
  • Provide a comfortable and quiet reading area. During reading time, turn off the TV and put your phone on silent to prevent your child from being distracted.
  • Play with words. Introduce your child to other forms of writing, such as songs and poetry. You can teach them about rhymes and melodies, plus poems and songs are fun to memorize! You can also play games such as scrabble, word find puzzles, spelling puzzles, and other word-based games.

The most important thing about encouraging children to read is to not force them to. Be encouraging but not to the point of nagging. Ease your children into reading by appealing to their interests first; the love for reading will surely come later.

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