The kids dress even better than me!

Many parents are as familiar as I am with the arguments against buying designer clothing for kids. Other family members and friends will scoff at your three-year-old’sFendi dress or your newborn’s Burberry swimsuit. But, also, if you’re like me, you’ll decide that nothing can compare to having high-quality clothing for the (little) people who mean the most to you.

I was fortunate enough to discover all kinds of tips and tricks for buying designer children’s clothes at a reasonable price. In fact, I got so good at finding high-end clothing for my kids that now they dress better than me! If you’re thinking of investing in a great wardrobe for your little ones, maybe these tips will help you.

1. Shop online. Like most busy moms, I don’t have entire days to spend scouring over racks full of clothing to find the one item that was on sale for my kids. In fact, most of the great deals I found were online. Shopping your favorite designers on the Internet can save you money because you’ll have access to the markdowns that stores don’t. But it will also save you time, which can be just as valuable.

2. Try Goodwill. I always hit up our local Goodwill after the first of the year because this is the time when many people make donations in time for a tax write-off. Though it requires a bit more commitment, shopping at charity places is where you’re most likely to run by lightly used designer pieces that your kids can still wear. And you may even find a little something for yourself, as well.

3. Buy one size up. If you take advantage of semi-annual sales or a wealth of marked down items that you just happened to come across, it’s best to get a few pieces for now but also to think ahead to the next few seasons. Babies grow fast, and you’ll be wishing you bought that winter coat for half off when the temperatures start to drop.

4. Invest in wardrobe staples. If you do decide to splurge on a few regularly priced pieces, make sure they are items that your kids can get some wear and tear out of, such as t-shirts, socks and shoes. Also, look for solid colors and simple designs that can be matched with almost anything.

5. Go to warehouses. These are discount stores where you can find clothing items from seasons passed at lower rates. If you prefer certain designers, this is your best bet for refreshing your kids’ wardrobes from time to time. Shopping at warehouse also gives you the chance to maximize your shopping time, instead of search through brands and you don’t like.

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