Travelling With Little Ones

This can be most parents’ nightmare. Travelling with your young children can be hell on earth, whether it’s a simple car journey or a holiday abroad you must be prepared. I have a little experience with travelling with children and I wish to share what I’ve learnt from my experiences. First, I would like to say that if I had my time again I wouldn’t travel with a child under two years old. If you’re hell bent on it – I repeat – be prepared!
I’ll start with the worst, especially if they’re under two as you have to deal with their tiny ears popping and because they are so young, you can’t explain to them what has happened and it can be painful for a baby. It’s hard to see them suffer, but it’s even worse for the other passengers who have to listen to your babies screams.
If however, your kids are over two, may I suggest you stop off at one of the many shops in the airport and let them pick out a couple of things they want. This way you can keep them entertained for at least a short while. Boredom is the main factor for kids playing up and it’s your unlucky job to keep them entertained. Failing this, may I suggest you take an airline that has TVs so your kids can watch a film on the way there? Might be a good idea to only fly short distances – save that holiday to Australia for when they’re older; a lot older.
These are probably your best bet. Trains: a parent’s best friend. Not only does the rhythmic motion make for a relaxing feeling for you kids, they also have a lot to look at as you drift by the scenery. Another main bonus of trains, is that you can get up and stretch your legs and so if your baby is getting restless, carry him/her around the train for a bit to calm him/her down. If your children are older, I would say let them walk around, but make sure they behave and don’t get to boisterous as nearby passengers may get extremely agitated.
And Automobiles
The dreaded car journey. This one is the hardest to prepare for, if you can prepare at all, that is. What I would suggest is team work. If you have one child, have them in the back with whoever isn’t driving. This way they can keep them entertained and stop them from becoming a nuisance. If you happen to have two children, then either have your partner sit in between or have one of the children sit in the front. This way there is no arguments and rough-housing.
However, may I suggest spending a little money? Either electric goods for the older kids, or check out a baby toy sale for the young ones. You can check out sites like Gumtree, as then you can save money on second hand toys and games. By buying them toys they can keep themselves entertained in the back whilst you sit comfortably and enjoy the sweeping countryside views as you head for a glorious week in Cornwall.

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