You Have to Choose the Best Possible Engagement Ring Before Popping the Question

Asking someone to marry you is never easy. You can’t just decide one day that you will ask your long-time partner to be your wife. Some men take months just to make the setting look perfect.

You have also seen different gimmicks that have become viral online because of how unique they were. A lot of women felt special because of such proposals. Before you even think about the style of popping the question, you have to first consider the most important item – the ring.

The ring should not be randomly chosen. Even if it is expensive if it does not perfectly match the personality of the wearer, it won’t be appreciated. Choosing an engagement ring for your special someone is one way to show her that you really know her and you are willing to spend the rest of your life with her.

Find out what she likes

When you have been with someone for years, you have already seen her fashion sense. This includes her taste in jewellery. Therefore, you can use this knowledge in determining what exactly it is that she wants in jewellery. Some women prefer something simple and minimalistic while others want something that looks big and glitters even from afar. Find out what she wants and limit your options to those designs.

Get her ring size

This is a tricky part since you don’t want to be too obvious. If you ask for her ring size, she will most likely have an idea that you are popping the question. If you take the risk and buy whatever ring size you think would fit her best, there is a chance that it will be the wrong size. Therefore, you have to be creative in asking for help from others or in measuring it up without her knowing about it. Perhaps, when she is asleep, you can measure the ring size. It is up to you how to get the actual measurements.

Settle only for the best

This is an engagement ring for the person you love the most. You have to stick with the best choice only. Don’t settle for anything less. However, don’t spend too much money just to buy the engagement ring since you still have to invest in the wedding ring later. Add to that all the expenses that come with the actual wedding.

In the end, you just need the perfect ring that she will fall in love with. The ring could help her say yes to the question, but it is your love for each other that will make her finally accept your proposal. This should come first before anything else.

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