You Need a Live in Care Provider Not Only for Your Loved One but for Yourself

Dementia is not an easy disease to deal with. Older people who suffer from dementia end up becoming a huge burden to the family. They need attention. They also need to be monitored at all times. Otherwise, they become a threat to themselves. You don’t want to leave home knowing that you have an elderly loved one suffering from dementia who can snap at any time. They forget things. They might even leave and never come back. They can destroy properties. They might even be laughed at by people who don’t know them.

It is really stressful having them at home. However, you don’t want to send them to a nursing facility where you can’t be there for them. Given that they easily forget, there might come a time when they won’t remember who you are anymore. This could be very painful.

Hire someone to stay home with your loved one

The good thing is that you can hire someone to provide dementia care at home. By having someone at their side when help is needed you can now go on with your activities as usual.

Yes, you take care of your loved one with dementia because you love them. You don’t complain no matter how difficult it seems because you want them to feel better. You also think that it is your obligation given that you were given love and attention before.

However, when it reaches a point when you feel tired and irritated, you need help. This is where care providers come in. They are trained to do the job. Most of them have experience dealing with people who are suffering from dementia. You can count on them to provide the quality care that you expect.

In your mind, you are doing this so that your loved one has a companion and can still function as normally as possible. Beyond that, you should also realise that this is for yourself. You don’t want to miss out on life because of someone at home with dementia. You don’t want to always feel guilty that you are relaxing when you have someone there suffering from a degenerative disease. However, you are only human and there might come a time when you will feel burnt out. Hence, having a quality care provider doing the job would be really helpful.

Choose the right partner

There are care agencies that specifically provide care providers for people with dementia. You can partner with them and tell them the case of your loved one. They will send the right person to help out and monitor the progress. The only thing left for you to do now is to also live your own life. You now have help, so you can finally relax.


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