8 Fun Ideas for a Wedding Reception to Remember

Wherever you are getting married in Oxford, you can make the wedding reception one to remember by adding a few special touches. An Oxfordshire hotel venue, or a country manor location – even a city centre restaurant – can all be customised to create a unique style and vibe that suits your personality. Take a look at these ideas and start planning your Oxford wedding reception today.

1. Create a Memory Lane

A large hotel in Oxfordshire like www.heythroppark.co.uk has plenty of wall space for a creative entrance way – print out big copies of photos showing you and family and friends together. Guests can walk along the wall to find pictures of themselves and remember the times you spent together. It’s a great ice breaker and you can even print smaller pictures of the photos to send to guests with your thank you notes.

2. Play Party Games or Quizzes

There is bound to be a lull in the proceedings at some point, so provide guests with a fun quiz to complete at their tables, or a creative game of consequences.

3. Leave Bookish Souvenirs

Forget about the traditional piece of cake and bag of sweets; provide guests with some romantic poetry or a copy of your favourite novel. You may be able to get a discount on books if you buy in bulk – ask at the Oxford bookstores to find out. Don’t forget to leave a commemorative bookmark in the books thanking people for coming.

4. Create Your Own Dessert

Check out the space at the wedding venue Oxford provides to see where you can put a sweet dessert buffet station. Try a cupcake creation station with ready-made cupcakes, icing, and a variety of toppings so that guests can make their own sweet treats. Or, if you are having a summer wedding, do the same with an ice cream station and a variety of interesting toppings.

5. Add Personalised Entertainment

Think about your passions and heritage, and then consider different types of entertainment like ethnic dancers, musicians playing folk music, a stand-up comic if you love comedy, or a movie-making booth if you love video and media.

6. Provide Local Food and Drink

Play up the uniqueness of the Oxford area by providing a selection of locally produced food and drink that guests will not be able to easily find elsewhere. Local cheeses, beers, fruit and vegetables all go down well when presented in an attractive way.

7. A Do-It-Yourself Photo Guest Book

Set up a curtain backdrop, provide a wipe-off whiteboard, some props, and some pens – guests write a message to you on the board then a friend takes their photo against the backdrop. A beautifully informal way to create a guest book once all the photos are printed together.

8. Give Guests a Midnight Snack

Instead of a piece of cake wrapped in a napkin, provide guests with biscuits, mini donuts, even individual slices of pizza to cure the munchies and give people something to snack on when they get back to their hotel.

Image Credit: phanlop88/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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