Having Your First Child: A Survival Guide For First Time Parents

Having your first child is one of the most exciting and nerve racking things in the world. The one thing that all parents hope for is a healthy child but the work has just begun once the child is born. Luckily there is far more access to information about infants and children in general via the internet. A quick search can usually clear up a lot as there is so much to know that are not included in the baby books. The following are tips from a first time parent to a 6 month old for people having their first child.

Sleep When You Can

The first few weeks after your baby is born are not going to be filled with large amounts of sleep at once. A newborn needs to eat every 3 hours so there will be multiple wakeups per night. Arranging a sleeping schedule if you have an extra room is wise if one parent has a big day that they need to be rested for. After a few months sleep will improve as long as you have your baby on a consistent routine. Napping while your infant takes a nap can really help out a sleep deprived parent get through the day.

Ask Family To Help

Having the ability to ask family members for help is a huge asset as childcare costs can be extremely high if both parents work. Doting grandparents might be able to help give you some relief when they come visit. Certain families have a grandparent move in for the first few months as it really is an enormous change.

They Start Moving Around Far Quicker Than You Think

It is only a few short months before your infant starts moving around quite a bit more. They can roll over, have discovered their feet, and start to develop quite the personality. It can be difficult to know what is the best baby jumper or crib to buy but luckily there are plenty of reviews available online to help with this. Baby proof the home before the baby start to crawl as at that time they will be trying to get into everything. If you have dogs it is important to stay aware of where your baby is and the dog is. Certain dogs might try to establish dominance with the baby or the baby could pull on them the wrong way. Even the nicest dogs might get upset if their ear is being pulled.

Ask Your Job To Work From Home A Few Days A Week

For very productive employees companies might be willing to allow you to work from home a few days a week. If your production does not fall the company will continue to allow you to do this until you do not need to anymore. There are jobs that can be done just as well or better from the comfort of home. If you are struggling at your job do not ask to work from home as this could end up to your ultimate demise at the company. Being able to help out at home with your spouse is a big deal as caring for a child is a full-time job in itself.
Having a child is hard work but it is an unexplainable joy at the same time. First time parents prepare yourselves as well as you can as this is all you can do!

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