The Perfect Place for Orchids to Grow in Your Home

A lot of people are taking up gardening and plant growing hobbies. It makes sense since most of us have fast-paced lifestyles and we are looking for something that could tether us down a bit. Some people find it in art like painting or making music, other in cooking, while some find it in gardening.

Growing orchids in different colours is one such hobby that can be described as an almost zen-like experience. It is such a prolific hobby that people have begun exchanging care notes and tips for orchid growing. They are the most commonly grown plants at home, but they can also be a bit difficult to maintain because of certain growing conditions that needs to be fulfilled.

They are the most elegant looking plants in your home if they are given the proper kind of care. And this starts with where you want to grow them at the first place. Here we will talk about the ideal places where your orchids can grow and flourish.

Place them in your living room but away from direct sunlight

Light always plays a vital role in plant growth. In the case of orchids, there is good sunlight and there is bad sunlight.

Good sunlight means orchids should be kept behind curtains or window blinds. But to not too thick that they are not getting enough natural light. Bad sunlight on the other hands means orchids are getting too much direct natural light, and this will cause burns.

The living room provides a place for orchids to thrive mainly because it invites in a lot of natural sunlight even if the curtains are not totally drawn. The leaves are a good indicator if your orchids are getting enough light. Bright green means they are, dark green means they are not, and yellow green or red leaves means that the light is too much.


Some types of orchids thrive in humidity so consider the bathroom

Orchids require a certain kind of temperature to grow. Because most orchids grow in tropical places, they mostly require a humid temperature. You can create the right humidity by placing them in a shallow dish with pebbles and water when the weather is hot. But to make things easier for you, keep them in the bathroom.

In your house, your bathroom is one of the most humid places. The steam will keep your plant hydrated. If you do not have a window in your bathroom, take them out for a specific time of the day to avoid too much moisture, and then bring them in again. Always remember this routine to keep them healthy. Additionally, going from the bathroom to another room discourages mould growth.

Use them as dining room centrepieces

You can always use orchids as centrepieces for your dining room. The reason you can do this is because it is near the kitchen, and this gives the plant a warm and toasty environment to grow. Just make sure to water them sufficiently, and never place them beside fruit bowls. The ethylene gas being released by ripening fruits will cause the premature dropping of buds.

Liven up your home office with them

Another place where natural light is coming in indirectly is the home office. Place them where it is not in danger of being toppled down by busy bodies who occupy the place. Hang them if you want or place them on a coffee table. Just keep an eye out for their leaves to see if they are getting an appropriate amount of sunlight or if they are getting burnt.

Bedroom temperature is also appropriate for orchids

Other than the dining room and the living, the bedroom can be a toasty environment where natural light comes in indirectly. You can choose to hang them or place them on night stands.

Orchids can be a fun and beautiful hobby to start doing. Learn how to take care of them and you will surely end up with lots of flourishing orchids giving new life to your home.

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